Make Contact

To start the process, simply fill in the 'Contact Us' page and select which packages you might be interested in - or better still - pick up a good old fashioned telephone and let's have a chat about it. We will provide you with any information you need to help decide whether we are the company for you, but we can guarantee you won't be disappointed!


We'll begin by sending you a simple questionnaire to help us understand the type of site you want us to build. This will include the nitty gritty things like colour schemes, page layout and page flow, as well as helpful questions such as 'is there a site on the web you like already?'. From this information we will gauge exactly the things you like (and dislike) about websites and tailor your site accordingly! If you haven't got a domain name, we will purchase this now rather than later, otherwise it might become unavailable. This is an important part of the process to establish the initial ideas of how you want your website to be made!


Our Response

Our designers and developers will then lock themselves in a dark room and only emerge when they have a superb  'demo' page based on your specifications. We will then show you what we have produced and this will be a chance to make any changes. Our team will go back and fine-tune the site until we have something close to your heart's desire.

And We're Off!

We will then proceed to build the rest of the website!  We will have a good idea of how you want the site to look, following the agreed demo page as a guideline. This does not mean that every page will look the same! In our questionnaire we will have asked you what pages you want, and if there are any particular features you want on them pages. After our developers have worked their magic, we will then send you a 'provisional final site'. At this point, we ask that you make any final changes, so that after these are made the site is ready for launch!


Your site is now ready for launch! 

Sit back and watch your very own online marketing tool generate a new customer base for your practice. We will maintain your site ensuring that it is kept secure and is backed up regularly, so you can sleep easy at night!


Sound good? Get in touch now to get the ball rolling...